Welcome to Cassie Rae Design! We are an inclusive photography and graphic design company dedicated to bringing fun and modern takes on these long time skills. With almost 10 years experience in graphics and 5 years in photography, we are the perfect people to help get the job done.

We started in graphics doing mostly logos, branding, and website content. This has branched into social media content creation and social media management as the industry of marketing has changed over the last decade. All social media management is handled through Howste Technical Services, all logo and branding is handled through here!

Photography has always been a hobby and a passion but only in 2020 did it become a business. (Of course starting January 2020 wasn’t the most NORMAL of years to start) Through the tough times, this side gig became the JOB that paid the bills and we truly fell in love with the work, the clients, and the industry. If you are ready to take the plunge on your next session in front of the camera, reach out to book because we are always open for sessions, weddings, and events.

headshot of main photographer and designer cassie rae

Owner  – Cassie Rae

Cassie is the owner of Cassie Rae Design and has been working in graphics for almost 10 years. She was certified right out of high-school and began working as a marketing coordinator at 19. She has on and off worked free-lance and in creative positions such as graphic designer and creative director at multiple companies. Cassie’s experience worked well to aid her as she dove into the world of photography as well. Her skills with a camera came from taking a few classes in college and just falling in love with the medium and never stopping. She has worked over the last few years to build a portfolio that truly feels authentic to her style and to represent her clients best. She has a passion for working with clients who have felt misunderstood by photographers in the past. Cassie will always work to grow her portfolio to represent everyone.

headshot of assistant photographer travis

Assistant – Travis Pankey

Travis is the assistant photographer for Cassie Rae Design. He specializes in candid photography, nature, and love capturing the moments you never think of. He is a great assistant to have for all weddings to get the best images of all the little setups and details. He has become essential for capturing those magical moments. If you see Travis at a normal photoshoot, he is usually there to help distract kids, get the best faces, and help carry props and equipment.








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My Services

Logos and Branding

I can assist in all aspects of the branding process, from just making a logo, to full “beginning to end” brand identity. A strong first impression is the most important thing is business, and I want my clients to be noticed from the start with powerful and unique, modern branding.  

Social Media Management

From management and upkeep, to full content creation, I am skilled to run all social media platforms no matter what area of business my clients are in. A strong social media presence has NEVER been as important as it is right now. Let me take care of this incredibly important, yet time consuming part of running a business.

Email Marketing and Management

Email marketing campaigns are some of the most important parts of running a business. Everyone’s inbox is so cluttered with spam and ads, you need creative design that people will not only open, but also click through and respond to. 

Content Creation

The importance of social media is really clear in business in today’s world. Not only is constant posting important, but the quality matter so much to make your brand stand out. From photos to graphics to creative styled ads, I can assist in creating the image for your brand that not only you love, but that will promote your business. 

Corporate Photography

Business head shots and professional website photography is what truly sets apart professional companies from the hobbyist. No need to go out and buy a $500 camera and spend tons of time, hire someone with experience in multiple industries.

Creative Photography

When passion becomes your job, it’s like not even working. Creative photography is a true passion that I love to share with people. I specialize in Alternative, Cosplay, Fashion, and Lifestyle photography. I am also skilled in Wedding, Special Event, and Product photography and would love to share those skills with all my clients.