Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to practice posing before a session?

My job is to help you feel comfortable and look amazing in front of the camera! If you want to look up ideas and poses ahead of time, I am totally okay with that! (It does help me understand your vision better) I will always help pose you even if you feel like you don’t know where your limbs are anymore. (I get it, I’m the same way)


When do I get my photos back? How does that process work?

My normal turnaround time for sessions in within 2 weeks. During busy season (September-November) sometimes it can take up to 3 weeks but we will always communicate that ahead of time. Weddings are delivered within 60 days of the event. I don’t send a proof gallery as I send everything I edit and all sessions come with all of those images. (AKA no extra fees for digital files at all!) Before your session I have you fill out a pre-session form that includes your email and I will deliver your images through a gallery to that email.


Do you have a studio?

We are in the process of opening a studio in Marietta! So much more to come but I will be offering studio sessions very soon.


Do you offer a single mini session or wedding photography or corporate head-shots or family sessions or….You talk a lot about keeping your prices low, what are they?

Follow this link here to my standard pricing


What would you consider your specialty?

My specialty is in fashion, creative sessions, weddings, and events. I love working in all sorts of niches but the work I am always interested in booking are;

Themed Weddings, High Fashion Weddings, Direct Flash Vintage Weddings, Fairy Sessions, High Fantasy Sessions, Queer Couples, and Documentary Style Events and Weddings


My dog looks adorable in cosplay, would you take pictures of her?

While that is not my specialty, I am flexible. However, I will not take responsibility for your animals so please plan accordingly.


We want to do a family session with all 16 grandkids, can you do that?

Absolutely!  I have experience with large families and groups of children. In addition, we will choose a location fitting to a group of that size. (So no kids go running off into the street)


What are your policies? Is a deposit required?

All of my policies are explained in detail HERE. In short, yes I require a deposit of 50% to book the date for a photography client. I will not book the date in my calendar until I have the deposit. The rest of the payment is due at the time of the photography session. Weddings require a deposit of $500 and payments are due prior to wedding day.


What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 6D DSLR Full Frame Camera and primarily with 70-200mm or 24-70mm lens. As much as having high quality equipment is important, I believe that ONLY having good equipment doesn’t make someone a good photographer. I recently upgraded some of my equipment as well as my pricing to reflect the investment.


Graphic Design and Social Media

What program do you use?

Most of my work is done in Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m an Adobe gal. I don’t love using InDesign but I will if I need to.


What does a Graphic Designer do?

Graphic design is a massive category. Some designers only do branding, business cards and signs, some do 3D work, some work specifically with UX and UI design or Web design. I personally work in branding, email marketing, logos, for print, and social media posting.


What does BRANDING entail?

Branding is an overarching term that covers logos, colors, fonts, aesthetic, and everything else that goes into a company having a consistent style. The brands with the strongest branding plans tend to be the most easily recognized. Branding doesn’t just happen once. It is something that needs to be updated as long as the brand is alive. Trends and styles will always change and as they do, so does your brand.


What programs do you use for email marketing?

I prefer to use Mailchimp, it is by far the most user friendly as well as affordable at many levels of business. Most of the email campaign companies use a similar style platform and I am capable of using those as well.


How often should I be sending out emails and posting to social media?

This will change industry to industry. I always recommend posting daily to social media because it keeps your name on your customers mind. I recommend emailing 2 times a week, enough to keep yourself in front of the customer but not so often that it makes them unsubscribe. For more social media tips and tricks, contact me as I offer a crash course training session through Howste Technical Services.


Why can’t I just go to one of those super cheap sites and pay $20 for a logo?

Those designers are doing two things that make you not want to support them. The first is they are undercutting the industry, all trained and talented designers (especially local ones) work really hard and spent time and money in school to become good at what they do, and for someone to come in and sell a cheap copy of a design they made for 10 other clients, they are just reinforcing the idea that artists don’t deserve to be paid fairly for their work. The second is that they use a few essential designs and just adjust them toward your business. When you work with a graphic designer like myself, you get personalized work that will truly fit your brand and you won’t run into anything similar.


So what are your prices?

Follow this link to my generic pricing sheet. Feel free to contact me for more specialized requests.