Website Content Creation

Your website is the MOST important part of your business. If your company does not have a functional and well designed website, you are unfortunately behind the curve. Of course starting with an amazing web developer is the first step. (I can always recommend Howste Technical Services) The next step is filling that website with amazing and well branded content; that is where I come in. DO you need images? How about words on pages? Do you need graphics added to your images? Branding with your logo? I can do ALL of those things.

I have a strong background in this side of graphics. I have been the creative director of a mid sized boutique and one of the biggest parts of my job was to plan and direct the photoshoots, take the images specifically for each spot on the site, style the shoot to best fit with the look for the brand at that moment, add graphics, and resize images for each spot on the site on mobile and desktop. It takes time, but having an expert manage it for you will always take a huge load off of you.

I can assist in planning and booking models, actually taking the images, styling on set, booking with a studio if needed, adding graphics, resizing, and designing your site to best reflect your BRAND. I will work directly with your developer to help make sure your site is exactly how you want it AND functional.