About Me

My name is Cassie, I have been working professionally as a Graphic Designer for the past 7 years. Between working corporately in fashion and food service, and doing freelance work in the medical and IT fields, I am well rounded in my experience between industries. As an experienced creative professional, I strive to work with people and make something they will be proud of. Working collaboratively is the most important thing to creating lasting and amazing design and that is my goal with everyone I work with. No matter what you are looking for, I am a great place to start. I know not every business can afford a large agency to manage their marketing and branding, I am a little guy for the little guys. No matter what size of business you have, if you have been around for 2 months or 50 years, I am there to help.

I took up photography as a hobby back in high school and never stopped loving it as an art. I have been working professionally for about 2 years. I specialize in family and cosplay photography but I am always growing and working with new clients. I love shooting outside and working with whatever neat locations we can come up with. In the last year I have begun to explore the Atlanta area even more to find the best places to take my clients. I love to work collaboratively to come up with the style, look, and location of a shoot to make something that is really loved by everyone involved. If you are ever interested in booking a session and you aren’t sure exactly where to go, let me know and I will make sure we find something you will LOVE.

My ideal new client to work with is an Atlanta blogger or Atlanta influencer.  I have been interested in assisting in this type of work for a while. Between the marketing skills, graphics skills, and photography skills; I am the perfect partner for someone looking to grow and create content for their personal brand.

My Services

Logos and Branding

I can assist in all aspects of the branding process, from just making a logo, to full “beginning to end” brand identity. A strong first impression is the most important thing is business, and I want my clients to be noticed from the start with powerful and unique, modern branding.  

Social Media Management

From management and upkeep, to full content creation, I am skilled to run all social media platforms no matter what area of business my clients are in. A strong social media presence has NEVER been as important as it is right now. Let me take care of this incredibly important, yet time consuming part of running a business.

Email Marketing and Management

Email marketing campaigns are some of the most important parts of running a business. Everyone’s inbox is so cluttered with spam and ads, you need creative design that people will not only open, but also click through and respond to. 

Content Creation

The importance of social media is really clear in business in today’s world. Not only is constant posting important, but the quality matter so much to make your brand stand out. From photos to graphics to creative styled ads, I can assist in creating the image for your brand that not only you love, but that will promote your business. 

Corporate Photography

Business head shots and professional website photography is what truly sets apart professional companies from the hobbyist. No need to go out and buy a $500 camera and spend tons of time, hire someone with experience in multiple industries.

Creative Photography

When passion becomes your job, it’s like not even working. Creative photography is a true passion that I love to share with people. I specialize in Alternative, Cosplay, Fashion, and Lifestyle photography. I am also skilled in Wedding, Special Event, and Product photography and would love to share those skills with all my clients.








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