An Inclusive Modeling Agency

Who Are We?

Movers & Shakers is an inclusive modeling agency whos goal is to bring amazing talent to campaigns for a wide range of industries in the southeast. While we are based out of the Metro Atlanta area, we have a wide range of coverage all over Georgia and we hope to be branching into South Carolina and Alabama in the near future.

What Do We Do?

Our business has two branches. The first branch is model advancement and training. We make sure to find unique and incredible PEOPLE and turn them into working models. Sometimes this starts with just making sure they have the start of a portfolio and sometimes this is about honing in a models work. The second branch is with clients. Photographers, event runners, and companies can come to us with their casting or gig requirements and we find them models with the portfolio they are looking for. We also make sure that our models are safe at their gigs as well as make sure the client is getting what they want.

How Do I Work With Movers & Shakers?

Want to apply to be one of our models? There is a form below you can fill out! Put in all relevant experience and we will contact you shortly. Want to hire our models? Please send us an email with your expectations and information about you and we will also contact you shortly.