Boudoir Photography

Initially I felt like the boudoir photography industry was really saturated. I decided when diving into my photography journey I would focus on fashion and families. Once I began working in the industry longer, I was asked quite a few times about offering boudoir. SO I finally made it happen! I have been building up a portfolio of incredible models and unique and updated work to truly offer something unique and special for my clients.

I have always focused on body positivity in my work, my goal has always been to make someone feel amazing about themselves no matter what body they are in in that moment. Adding boudoir just makes sense! I want to give amazing local people in Metro Atlanta Atlanta the option to choose a boudoir session that makes them feel truly special!

With the addition of Boudoir, I am adding a few package options to help make it easier! All sessions are 1 hour long.


On Location Boudoir Session - $175

-This session is for on location in your home!

- I will bring all my equipment and create a special environment right in your home where you are most comfortable


Outdoor Boudoir Session - $200

-These sessions are really unique as they are done outside! Be ready to get a little dirty and a little messy.

-I have a few more remote locations in metro Atlanta that I love to use for sessions like this that are secluded and private


In Studio Boudoir Session - $275

-These sessions are perfect for someone who wants to do more implied nudity or would prefer more privacy

-The higher cost goes into booking an amazing studio space! I have a few private locations I love working at and will happily book your session in one of these locations.