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In my opinion, not all headshots need to be the same! I can always offer classic studio style corporate shots, but I LOVE doing on location head-shots. It tells your customers more about YOU and your business. It shows that there are real people just like them behind your brand. Most companies have an “about me” section of their site that includes images of the corporate staff. Anyone who works in any professional field should have an updated head-shot for social media (this is REALLY IMPORTANT for Linked-In) and for any websites. It takes you from just another employee to someone who takes their craft seriously.

Product photography is probably the type of photography I am most experienced in. I have been working on the fashion side of photography for a long time and I am always interested in working with small companies to make sure that your products are displayed properly and in a way that fits YOUR brand. If you sell clothing, I am very comfortable taking product photos of fashion items and I LOVE doing this kind of work. I am also equipped to do smaller product photography, either on location or with a solid white or black background. Whatever you feel like fits your brand best, I am ready to assist.