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On Location

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Personal Branding

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Cassie Rae Design offers a unique perspective into business photography in all its forms. If you are looking for company headshots, personal branding, marketing material, or you just want to update your arsenal of content; you have come to the right place. 


Cassie has a background in the corporate sales world! We know it’s not the most common background for a creative to come from but it gives a unique perspective on business content. The requirements and requests for your businesses social media, versus the website, versus what your employees might need, versus what the owner might need can all vary wildly. Cassie Rae Design is skilled in satisfying all these needs. We can make sure that your Metro Atlanta area business head shots are perfect for all your business needs as well as keep your social media happy.

Cassie Rae Design is also skilled in images meant for social media. This type of content is sometimes called “lifestyle” or “content creation” but what it boils down to, is its content about your business from all perspectives. Images of your location, behind the scenes in the office, product images, employee images, and everything in between.

Want to book your session? Email us, or book here!

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