Bridal Portraits

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Wedding portraits 22-3
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Bridal Party

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Ready for your Big Day?

Weddings are some of my FAVORITE events to capture. If you want 10 hours of coverage, photographs of every moment and detail, I am here to help you out. If you are looking for an intimate elopement, I am here for that too. I want to make your day special! I absolutely missed my calling being a wedding planner, so I love getting to be a part of your day and assist all I can. Being able to capture a mixture of beautiful posed portraits as well as amazing candid’s is my specialty. I have a photo-journalistic style that I LOVE to bring to my wedding clients!

Ready to book?

We weddings start at $800 and can range up to $2500 depending on the amount of coverage and your needs! I also have a dedicated second shooter that can be available for all weekend weddings.

My elopements start at $250 and range up to $750 depending on location and coverage.

Please contact me via my email or my contact form here for a quote for your upcoming wedding!